31 Proverbs Men

Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceptive and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

It seems like now more than ever it’s easy to be deceptively charming and beautifully vain. Photo-editing has made sure of that. Many phones even have a “beauty mode” that photoshops your face as you take the selfie.

I don’t thing any of this is intrinsically wrong, they just make it easier to be vain and deceptive.

Imagine a woman on Instagram with 1000 followers posts a picture of her church and how much she enjoys serving there. She’ll probably get a couple dozen likes and maybe a comment or two.

Imagine this same woman posts a bikini pic with her back arched and half her butt out. She’ll get hundreds, maybe more than a thousand likes and plenty of friend requests to go along with it.

Many women who get praised by the world are the exact opposite of the kind of women who should be praised and revered. Women that fear the Lord and do the hard work of living for Him deserve the praise.

Let’s find them, and recognize them. They deserve it.


Sorry ladies, Proverbs 31 was not written for you. You can definitely learn and apply what it says but it was not written as a manual for godly living as a female.

Men need help. You know this, but it’s worth noting. I’ve heard both women and men point to Proverbs 31 as evidence of the male dominated society in which it was written. They say, “ well there’s no Proverbs 32 man!” Or get annoyed that there’s no instruction for how men are to live husbands. But these people are just plain wrong.

The entire book of Proverbs is structured as a father passing down his wisdom to his son. Yes, much of it involves figuring out how to tell the good women from the bad but this is not a comment on women. Rather, it points out how much wisdom it takes for a man to find the good ones.

Men need that help. We need 31 chapters of wisdom to figure out how to live.