10 things I wish Christians cared about more

I’ve started writing lists as an exercise in creativity. I try to come up with 10 things that surround a particular idea. Like any idea. The point is to just think about all kinds of different, even silly things. I will periodically post some of these lists.

Here’s my first list, 10 things I wish Christians cared about more. I did not choose to elaborate on all of them so that’s why some don’t have an explanation.

10 Things I wish Christians cared about more

  1. Pets/Animals
  2. Nature 
  3. Healthy Eating 
  4. Adoption
  5. Biblical Literacy
  6. Generosity
  7. Holy Living/Obedience
  8. Friendliness
  9. Meditation
  10. Personal Responsibility 


10 Things I wish Christians cared about more
1. Pets/Animals
Why is it that the people who do the most good for animals almost exclusively non-Christian? From my experience, the attitude amongst many Christians is that anyone who sticks up for the animals is some kind of left wing nut job who doesn’t care about people. I used to be this person but my wife taught me to think differently. Our most basic function as humans is to manage the planet for God (see Genesis 1:26-30; 2:15-18). Taking care of the animals is part of this. My wife taught me that just because you have great love for animals, it doesn’t mean that you love people any less. There’s plenty of love to go around.
2. Nature
Similar to the above, many Christians behave ignorant to the fact that God put humans on earth to help him manage it. That’s a major part of what it means to made in His image (see Genesis 1:26-28). It’s shameful that the majority of people who fight to protect the environment seem to be all non-Christian.
3. Healthy eating
The Christian’s body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and must be treated as such (1 Cor 6:19). Do you remember all the sacrificial and temple laws in the Old Testament? These laws were very specific about how God only wanted the very best, cleanest, unblemished animals and people entering into His dwelling place. We are now God’s dwelling place. So why do we allow so many bad things into our bodies? This is still a struggle for me. Much of what I used to eat can’t even be classified as food. My attitude used to be one that I know many others have: what is the least amount of money I can spend on food each month? Now it’s completely changed to: how much can I afford to spend on food. Whenever possible we eat organic, non GMO, ethically raised food. It costs more but God’s Temple (my body) is a special and holy place. I’m trying to treat it like that.
4. Adoption
On any given day in the USA there are about 428,000 kids in the foster system. In 2015 over 670,000 kids spent time in the system. Excluding Catholic churches, there’s more than 300,000 churches with about 56 million attendees in the USA. If next Sunday, two couples from each each church decided to adopt, we would eliminate the need for the foster care system in a week. ONE WEEK AND THERE WOULD BE NO MORE ORPHANS. Taking care of orphans is a command all over the Bible. Maybe it’s time for Christian families to start thinking more about adopting a child that already exists rather than getting pregnant again.
5. Biblical literacy
6. Generosity
Many Christians are extremely generous and I understand this. What I want more and more people to start thinking about is how they can be generous in every facet of their life. Not just financially.
7. Holy living/ obedience
8.  Friendliness
9. Meditation
This is something that I am getting more interested in myself and I think it’s super important in our culture. Think about this. On average, goldfish have a 9 second attention span. The average human now has has an average attention span of 8 seconds. You read that right. Eight seconds is all a person can spend focusing on anything. Some debate the validity of this study but all you have to do is hang out with someone to see that attention spans are way too low regardless of the actual number. I’m still new to meditation but what I have found is that it really helps me practice my focus. I have always been a better single tasker than most, but I want to be able to give God and people my full attention because it seems like full human attention is a disappearing commodity. Trying to focus my mind on just one or two thoughts about God for 3-5 minutes a day has proved refreshing so far. It’s not weird voodoo or floating off into nirvana. It’s just calm, relaxed, thinking about God.
10. Personal responsibility
Can we please stop blaming the devil for everything? The devil is not omniscient or omnipotent. He can only be in one place at one time and chances are you have never and will never be in his presence. I would be stunned if the devil even knew I existed. He’s got bigger fish to fry. Maybe someday I be one of those fish. It would be a testament to my godliness if I could warrant the devil’s direct attention. I can get into more than enough trouble on my own. Sin in the world is the problem. The world is not broken because of the devil, but because of us. It’s time for many Christians to take responsibility for their own sins. He’s not sneaking around behind you testing you with porn, financial problems, or ice cream when you’re on a diet. That’s you. Your sin nature. Take control of yourself and stop giving him the credit.


2 thoughts on “10 things I wish Christians cared about more

  1. Great post! I really liked your point about healthy eating. I never thought of my body as a holy place nor as God’s temple. This perspective really did make me change my attitude on healthy eating/really made me think about how I have been treating my body. I’ve done diets in the past and have tried to lose weight for health and fitness goals but not for God.

    I agree to a point about your perspective on personal responsibility. I’m a new Christian and definitely wouldn’t say I’m well versed in the Bible. Though, I feel that the devil has used media to create insecurities among people and has created disfunctional relationships/the inability to connect with people. I do agree that people are definitely responsible for how they behave in situations but also feel that the devil is at work.

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  2. I agree that the devil is at work for sure, I’m more refer to the people who think he’s around every corner being a punk. Thanks for sharing what you are going though, it’s encouraging to see someone like you making great choices. It’s inspiring really.


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