Find Your Passion?

It seems like all millennials and everyone who speaks to millennials talk all about passion.

“Find your passion”

“Follow your passion”

“Do what you’re passionate about and the money will follow”

Personally I don’t feel especially passionate about very many things so I was beginning to think that I was missing something. So I decided to look up what passion actually means. Here’s the definition:

  • a strong, barely controllable emotion; enthusiasm, obsession, fixation

Now I get it. Now I better understand so many young people. We are being told and telling each other to follow our passions constantly. But being a passion driven person seems to be a huge sign of immaturity.

Read the definition again. Do you really want to be an obsessive person with barely any control over your emotion(s)?  I don’t.

Contrast this with conviction:

  • a firmly held belief or opinion; assurance, confidence, certitude

That sounds more like something that I can get on board with. I’d much rather be a confident person who firmly holds to my beliefs.

Passion is flakey. Conviction is steadfast.

Passion is easy and immature. Even my cat can muster up passion. This very morning her passion for her tuna cat food woke me up at 530am. On the other hand, conviction must be developed. You don’t wake up one morning a convicted person. Someone who would rather die than renounce their faith has conviction. Every day people die for their convictions. Passion often kills people. How many times have you heard the news describe some terrible event as a “crime of passion?” The answer is a lot. I’ll help you with the tough ones.

I think that passion focus is part of the reason why my generation tends to be pegged as flakey and flighty. Passion comes and goes. Remember when everyone was “passionate” about the whole Kony thing? It was all I saw on Instagram and Facebook for a while. And by a while, I mean like a week. Nobody is talking about it now. I don’t even know what happened with the whole thing. I honestly can’t keep up with all the things I am supposed to be passionate about. Right now it’s immigration and equal pay for women. What will it be in 6 months? All this bandwagon passion cannot be healthy.

What I find frustrating is that many of the issues that people are so passionate about are actually good and legitimate things to be concerned about. Obviously women deserve equal pay as men for doing the same jobs. In some cases, they probably deserve more for having to put up with us.  Who will be the people who are actually doing something about this in 6 months? Only the convicted people. People with confident certitude stick it out. That’s what who I want to be.

Do you have passions? Great! Put in the effort to develop them into convictions because convicted people change the world. Passion can only take you so far. It’s pretty far but not far enough.


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