What do you say?

One of the very best things my mom taught me was gratitude. She taught what it is and how to express it. Anytime someone said or did something worthy of gratitude I would hear “What do you say?” from my mom. The answer to that question was always a smile and “Thank You” to whoever. I remember many times being so annoyed when I heard this question because I heard it SO many times. A big chunk of the time my smile was forced and my “thank you” was insincere. Looking back now I am truly grateful for this practice. My mom constantly forced me into noticing when my gratitude was required and appropriate. No joke, even now I sometimes hear in my head “what do you say?” after someone does something for me.

Because of this great parenting, I find it natural to express gratitude but I know that this is not always the case for everyone. Some might find it awkward or weird or whatever. Since I know that some of you out there feel like this I thought I would share an easy way to get into the habit of expressing gratitude. Here it is:

Regularly write 5-star Google reviews.

This might seem odd but I started doing it when I was pleased with how I was served and I began to feel great about myself in the most positive way. A specific, positive, 5-star review is a modern way to send a thank you note. When I started doing this regularly I caught myself going into restaurants, stores, and other public places with an entirely different attitude. Instead of my default critical crankiness I started looking for reasons to be satisfied and grateful. Rather than waiting to be disappointed, I am starting to be more internal about being a good finder. Zig Ziglar used to say “Some people really do find fault like there’s some kind of reward for it.”  This was (and sometimes is) me. But that simple choice of deciding to write a 5 star review is helping me become a good finder.

Try it. It’s so easy. Take a minute right now and think of a business you frequent and someone you know at this place who serves you well. Google the business and write a 5 star positive review.

Be specific.

Name names.

Say thank you.

You never know, you might become a good finder in other areas of your life. Will you try it? Come on now, what do you say?