Say What?

The other day I realized something: people actually listen to what I say and try to remember it.

A big part of my job is talking to people. I was teaching someone about something and I noticed that they were writing down some of the things that I was saying. I know that this has happened before but this time was different. I realized that this person that I am talking with thinks that what I say is valuable enough to write down.

This is a big responsibility. I realized two things because of this:

  1. If people are listening to me, I should do my best to say productive true things. Not just at work, but at home and everywhere else.
  2. I should totally get better at listening. This has been a struggle with me for a long time. If I am saying true and valuable things then I know that so are the people who I am talking to. Who knows how much wisdom I’ve missed out on because I wasn’t listening for it.

For me, listening is hard work that I often don’t want to do. But I am working on it. People have important things to say. Everyday people. Even me. Even you.