Merry Christmas

Yep. I said it.

Merry Christmas.

You can say it too. Don’t be afraid. Say it with a smile and I promise, you will receive a smile in return.

A big part of my job is talking to lots of different people everyday. I meet new people every day and talk to all sorts of different people. This is supposed to be a happy time of year and I do my best to spread happiness and positivity. So when I’m saying my goodbyes I always finish with a smile and an enthusiastic “Merry Christmas.”

Not “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings.” Guess what? Not a single person has been offended by my smile and greeting. No hurt feelings. No shattered worldviews. Instead, I get smiles, gratitude, a lot of “merry Christmas’,” some “happy holidays’,” and I even got a big hug.

I am positive that not all of these people share my Christian faith but not one person that I have said this too has ever appeared to be hurt by this greeting. It’s truly hard to be offended by a genuine smile and a well wish. It seems like every year we are warned about being insensitive and pushy by saying “Merry Christmas.” However, in my experience it doesn’t seem to bother very many (if any) people.

It is the appropriate thing to say at this important time of the year. The world doesn’t stop for a vague “holiday.” Target wasn’t a zoo today because of this “season.” We don’t buy presents, put trees indoors, make cookies, place elves on shelves, sing old hymns, and eat with our families because of the “holidays.” Let’s be honest. We do all of this because of Christmas. Because this is when we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Regardless of what you believe, this is just how it is.

So you have about a week left. Get out there with a big smile and tell someone “Merry Christmas.” You won’t hurt their feelings. They won’t call CNN on you. Chances are they will be grateful for the smile and kind gesture.

So Merry Christmas. Christmas happens you celebrate it or not. And even if you don’t, I genuinely want you to have a Merry one.