One of my favorite things about living in Arizona are the sunsets. They are unbeatable. So many colors in one sky is truly inspiring. I am so grateful for this beauty. If you’ve never seen an Arizona sunset, make it happen. Visit the state or even just google it. It’s worth the effort.

What fascinates me the most is how all the colors seamlessly blend together. On one side of the sky will be fiery reds and oranges and on the other side will be deep purples and indigos. I am astonished with how the sky can start out fiery red and seamless blend into such a deep purple. If you took the western horizon and placed it directly next to the eastern horizon the difference in the colors would be stunning. But this isn’t how sunsets work. All the colors while clearly different blend together without any clear line of demarcation. Do it. Look at a sunset. You will see so many different colors but you will not be able to distinguish where one ends and the next begins.

You would miss so much beauty by just focusing on your favorite color. My favorite color in these sunsets are the bright pinks. I have no idea how this color happens in the sky but it’s magical. How dumb would it be for me to only look at the pinks? Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be for me to downplay the rest of the sunset because I feel best about the pinks? These sunsets are spectacular primarily because of the blending of all the colors. So many colors blended together in one galactic canvas. Beauty in diversity. Beauty because of diversity. Beauty in unity.

What if we took what we see in sunsets and applied it to the people we see? So many colors, no one better than the other. No one more beautiful than another. Like an incredible sunset, I find the most beauty in people when they realize that all colors have been created equal and this beauty is most fully realized when the full spectrum of colors is visible.

Imagine a line of people starting with the lightest skinned person you can imagine and then proceeding a shade darker with each person until you get to the end of the line with the darkest skinned person you can imagine. Where would you draw the line between white and black? What about brown and black? Of course when you pick people on either end of the spectrum you see the drastic differences. But that’s not the best way to view people. Like sunsets, people are best enjoyed across the entire spectrum. Don’t limit yourself to one color. Take it all in. It’s a beautiful sight.