A Reason Is Not An Excuse

As I’m writing this, I’m reading Dr Townsend’s book The Entitlement Cure and it is challenging me big time. I need to hear what he’s saying and I know SO MANY people who could benefit from this too.

Something that really stood out to me right off the bat was his statement on page 35:

“A reason is not an excuse.”

A reason and an excuse are two different things with two different means but it is so easy to get confused. I know that I do it from time to time. In the context of this book, the “reason” someone might have an entitlement attitude is because of the way their parents raised them but it does not “excuse” their attitudes and behaviors. Dr Townsend points out that each person is 100% responsible for their behaviors and attitudes.

We are all responsible for our own behaviors and attitudes. No matter how we have been treated. No matter who has said mean things to us. No matter how things fell through in your life. We are responsible for our responses. Just you. Just me.

Regardless of what I’ve been through, I know that someone with less than me has dealt with worse circumstances and been wildly successful. I have to remind myself of this regularly or else I get all “woe is me.”

So many people have not allowed their reasons to be their excuses. Chances are you know some of these people. It’s likely you are one of these people in some capacity. You can do it. I can do it. Let’s do it together.