Just Say No

Your “no” is what makes your “yes” valuable

I have a book on my shelf about having a “yes attitude.” One of the best selling books of 2016 was about a year of saying “yes.” I know moms and dads who go out of their way to cultivate a “yes” attitude in their kids by doing whatever they can to avoid saying “no.” It seems like so many people are saying no to saying no. Not me.

Think about this: what good is your “yes” if all you ever say is “yes?” Does it even mean anything? It’s the difference between a vending machine and a slot machine. Put a dollar in a vending machine and you will certainly get a snack. Put a dollar into a slot machine and you might get back way more then you put in. A “yes” from a slot machine is much more valuable than a “yes” from a vending machine. Why? Simply because the slot machine says “no,” like alot.

Think about this: every time you say “yes” to something you are simultaneously saying “no” to something else. Your time and energy is limited. Your can only do so much. A knee jerk “yes” reflex attitude can have you choosing to do things that you do really want to do or might not have time to do.

Make those yes’s count. Don’t be afraid to say no.